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Kirkus Reviews called A Rose for the Crown “Remarkably assured… a delightful, confident novel… Fictional Kate Haute might have been Richard III’s mistress before he married Anne Neville. Richard’s story is central to this book, but it is feisty Kate’s story of a commoner who teaches a young duke about love and loyalty. 

Daughter of York, by Anne Easter Smith

Margaret of York, Edward IV’s sister, is given in marriage to the cold, ambitious Charles, duke of Burgundy and becomes one of the most influential women in Europe. She leaves England and her family but finds solace in the bond she forges with her new stepdaughter, her friendship with William Caxton, and her confidante, a dwarf named Fortunata. Sometimes, she breaks the rules in the arms of her lover, Anthony Woodville

The King's Grace, by Anne Easter Smith

The King’s Grace was the winner of the 2009 Romantic Times Magazine’s Best Historical Biography award. Grace was an illegitimate daughter of Edward IV, taken under his queen’s wing upon his death. Little is known of her, but this portrayal of a quiet, but determined young woman thrust into the mystery of the princes in the Tower, makes for “an elaborately plotted narrative…” according to the Booklist review.

Queen by Right, by Anne Easter Smith

Queen By Right was nominated in Romantic Times Book Reviews 2011 Best Historical Fiction category: “Readers will be swept into Smith’s lush and fascinating tale that reads like the best of fiction yet resonates with reality.” Cecily Neville, duchess of York, was the mother of two kings and is the ancestor of every English monarch today. Hers is a tale of indomitable courage, a passionate marriage, and dramatic events that spanned her eighty years. 

Royal Mistress by Anne Easter Smith

Royal Mistress was given “A perfect 10!” by Romance Reviews Today. “The story of Jane Shore is brought to life in this excellent, beautifully written novel.” Jane was the favorite and final mistress of Edward IV, and the story of her rise and fall has been retold by playwrights, poets and balladeers down the centuries. 


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