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 "...grab you, sweep you along with the story, and make you fall in love with the characters..."  -- Historical Novels Review 

Anne is an award-winning historical fiction novelist with a series of six books set in the Wars of the Roses. She is first and foremost a storyteller, whose passion for her period makes an emotional connection with her characters, both real and imaginary, as she brings history to life. In particular, she is a recognized expert on King Richard III.

Her intent is to so immerse readers in the lives of her characters and the world they inhabited that they, too, will embrace the past and seek to learn more for themselves. Meticulous historical research, rich period detail, and compelling protagonists combine to provide the reader with a sweeping portrait of England in the time of the Wars of the Roses.

Believing that fact is often stranger than fiction, Anne is a writer who, whenever possible, stays true to history.  Richard III is Anne's protagonist in This Son of York, the sixth and final book in her series. 

 “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten." -- Rudyard Kipling

Praise for Anne’s books:

"Anyone interested in history, honor and lost love will want to read A Rose for the Crown."--Sharon Kay Penman, author of The Sunne in Splendour

“Ms. Smith’s meticulous research and her way of bringing characters to life shine through . . . Beautifully written, Daughter of York will have readers begging for more.”

~Romance Reviews Today

The King’s Grace is “A complex exploration of a turbulent period of English history . . . introduces readers to 15th-century political intrigue with thought, courage and honesty.”

~Publishers Weekly

“Well-researched and entertaining … Anne Easter Smith is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.…She seems to effortlessly bring the 15th century and Cecily Neville to life.” --Historical Novels Review for Queen By Right

“For me [Queen by Right] is one of my favorite historical reads of the year. I like nothing better than to be able to learn about a time in history while also being drawn into and caring about the people being portrayed and that is exactly what Anne Easter Smith has succeeded in doing. I simply can't wait to read more of Anne Easter Smith's work and lucky for me I have three more of her novels waiting for me on my bookshelf!” — Peeking Between the Pages blog review

Romance Reviews Today gave Royal Mistress A Perfect 10! The story of Jane Shore is brought to life in this excellent, beautifully written novel.”

For This Son of York:

“Anne Easter Smith has brought to life like no one else the most fascinating figures of the York dynasty of England, and now, in this long-awaited novel, she writes the definitive story of Richard III….” -- Nancy Bilyeau, best-selling author of The Blue.

“A wonderfully realized life of tragic, doomed Richard…a fine portrait of the lover and the warrior, a noble, flawed and heroic king and man.” -- C.C. Humphreys, author of Vlad: The Last Confession.

Collage of Anne's newest cover preview, This Son of York, inset of five previous books.
Collage of Anne's newest cover preview, This Son of York, inset of five previous books.

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