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Anne Easter Smith


Anne is the award-winning author of The King's Grace and the best-selling A Rose for the Crown, Daughter of York, Queen By Right, and Royal Mistress.  She is an expert on Richard III, having studied the king and his times for decades. Her sixth book, This Son of York, will be published soon. She grew up in England, Germany and Egypt, and has been a resident/citizen of the US since 1968. Anne was the Features Editor at a daily newpaper in northern New York State for ten years, and her writing has been published in several national magazines. 

Anne on research trip at Minster Lovell

Anne's story

Anne is a native of England, whose love of history has resulted in six books about the York family in the Wars of the Roses. She has held a myriad of jobs, including secretary, folk singer, PBS auction coordinator, dance-school PR person, music-school administrator, and, which was to serve her later authoring career, newspaper writer/editor.

Historical Novel Society 2019: with Nancy Bilyeau, Donna Russo Morin, Patricia Bracewell

Anne's story continued...

Her best-selling books have won awards, and her knowledge of Richard III and his time was recognized when she was interviewed on PRI's The World at the announcement of positive identification of Richard's bones in 2012. It was Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time that fueled her interest in Richard III. She is a longstanding member of the Richard III Society and Historical Novel Society.  (Photo from 2019 panel at HNS Conference; with Nancy Bilyeau, Donna Russo Morin, Patricia Bracewell)


On the verification of Richard's bones

 ... Anne interviewed on PRI's The World, on the day DNA evidence confirmed Richard's bones had been found. 

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